Growing Toward the Light
Film Music for Symphony Orchestra
Recorded in Kiev by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Review by Oleg Garaz

The beginning of the video is similar to a symphonic work in a philharmonic concert, with the image of the conductor signaling the entry of the orchestra. The only difference is in the continuation which is not purely auditive, as much as it is visual, and the conductor turns out conducting not the music, namely the sonorities, as ... more >>

play Growing Toward the Light     03:41
Stalactite - The Silent Witness
Concert Music for String Orchestra
ISMN M-700128-66-1, GEMA Work No.: 10144142-001
Review by Oleg Garaz

In this piece Aaron Fazakas creates a type of polymorphous expression which aims to suggest by subtle means, the burst of some extremely volumetric imaginary flows. First of all, they are spaces of interiority, hidden places of the imaginary "exhumed" by the composer in a seductive impudicity which justifies the ... more >>

play 01 - ENTRY - Tears of the Stalactite     02:40
play 02 - INSIDE - In the Spell's Arms     02:30
play 03 - EXIT - A Revelation's Consequence     02:47
Don't CATch the MOUSE
Concert Music for Woodwind Quintet
ISMN M-700128-65-4, GEMA Work No.: 10144109-002
Review by Oleg Garaz

The play and the smile are two keywords of this work destined to 5 clarinet players. But it is only apparently, as each of the ensemble instruments can be replaced with another, conferring this work an impressive multitude of timbre "personalities".
The references to the jazz-rock stylemes (the "slap" ... more >>

play Don't CATch the MOUSE     02:53
The Contract
Film Music for Synthesizer and Orchestra
Review by Director Horaţiu Damian

The music had to match the nature of the film- slightly off set, on the boundaries of dreams. I thought from the very beginning that the film had to fly upward, to have a vaporous quality as a counterbalance for its dark subject. It was not an easy walk. The colaborative process between director and composer was at time confrontational, at times tense, most of the times quit smooth, and finaly it ended ... more >>

play 01 - The Main Title     01:15
play 02 - Hello Sunshine     02:40
play 03 - Reflectively     01:30
play 04 - What Do You Want From Me?     01:35
play 05 - Remembering     03:42
play 06 - The Investigation     02:07
play 07 - You and I     02:16
play 08 - What I've Done?     02:37
play 09 - Pick a Card     01:31
play 10 - Forgive Me, My Love     02:20
play 11 - The End Credits     04:01
Concert Music for Mixed Choir
Review by Oleg Garaz

The music of this piece seduces in the intimacy of its expression, but also in the ludic spontaneity by means of which the "cubes" of sonority are manipulated. Free from restrictions, etherical, sometimes contradictory in apppearance, in its hasty counterpoints, the language of Puzzle recalls indirectly the semantism and the imaginary of jazz. The presence of the "blue" notes ... more >>

Concert Music for Four Hand Piano
ISMN 979-0-707650-75-2

Review coming soon!





play Graffiti     03:32
Concert Music for Guitar Duo

Review coming soon!






play urbanola     04:20

Other Compositions:

Urbanophobia - Concert Music for Guitar Duo (coming soon)

The Little Match Girl - Ballet for Solo Oboe and Orchestra (coming soon)

Missa Fidelium - for Solo Voices, Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra

The Clone - for Two Cellos and Orchestra

Do You Believe in Santa Claus? - for Mixed Choir

Puzzle - for Vibraphone, Marimbaphone and Double Bass 

Romanza Andaluza
for Solo Violin and Orchestra

Music by Pablo de Sarasate
Arranged by Aaron Fazakas ... more >>

Ave Maria
for Sopran Solo and Orchestra

Music by Pietro Mascagni
Arranged by Aaron Fazakas ... more >>

Parce Domine
for Sopran Solo and Orchestra

Music by Charles Gounod
Arranged by Aaron Fazakas ... more >>

Tears in Heaven
for Solo Baritone, Mixed Choir
and Bluesband

Music by Eric Clapton
Arranged by Aaron Fazakas

Am plecat (Away)
for Pop Band

Words by Aaron Fazakas ... more >>

Revino acum (Come Back)
for Rock Band

Words by Aaron Fazakas ... more >>

Other Songs:

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