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  Stalactite - The Silent Witness
for String Orchestra

Composer:  Aaron FAZAKAS
Conductor:  Gergely MÉNESI
Orchestra:  Csíki Kamarazenekar

Place:  Franz Liszt Concert Hall
Country:  Budapest, Hungary
Date:  8 October 2006

Recording:  Live
Director:  Katalin NAGY
Film Editor:  József HORVÁTH

Part. I - ENTRY
Tears Of The Stalactite (fragment)
Runtime: 1'03"

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In The Spell's Arms
Runtime: 2'32"

Sponsored by
Proactive Management Consulting

Produced by

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Part. III - EXIT
A Revelation's Consequence
Runtime: 3'34"

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  The Contract
Genre: Drama

Director:  Horatiu DAMIAN
Writer:  Horatiu DAMIAN

Composer:  Aaron FAZAKAS
Sound Designer:  Aaron FAZAKAS
Sound Mixer:  Mihai POP
Musician (Keyboard):  Aaron FAZAKAS

Produced by:  Horatiu DAMIAN & Aaron FAZAKAS

Release Date:  15 January 2010 (Ro)
Color:  Black&White | Color
Runtime:  30min

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  Growing Toward the Light
Film Music for Symphony Orchestra

Composer:  Aaron FAZAKAS
Orchestrator:  Aaron FAZAKAS
Conductor:  Cristian SANDU
Orchestra:  National Symphony Orchestra

Place:  Kiev, Ukraine
Date:  1-6 May 2005

Recorded by  Timur POLIANSKY & Mihai POP
Mixed by  Mihai POP
Produced by  Yu SOYUNG  

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