Degree of Excellence

Aaron obtained a Degree of Excellence for outstanding results achieved as a postdoctoral researcher at the Music Institute for Doctoral Advanced Studies (M.I.D.A.S.) organized by the National University of Music Bucharest (U.N.M.B.).


European Virtual Academy

EVA (European Virtual Academy) project aims to provide a comfortable space for learning and teaching the universities of the XXIst century. It will initiate and develop a transnational educational platform, following the general tendency for digitization of the cultural discourses, and by this the project is meant primarily to start a series of virtual online courses, developed by professors from arts and humanities sciences, linked with visual culture education.
Aaron's FILM AND MUSIC course offers analytical and practical methods for the assimilation of the characteristic techniques of film music, with focus on the main issues as follows:
- cinema music in the silent movie era
- the structure of the acoustic sphere (soundtrack) in sound movies
- concert music versus the music of the sound films
- the forms of film music (diegetic and non-diegetic)
- the methodology for elaborating the Master Cue List
- the evolutional stages covered until now (1895-2011), the current state and perspectives of film music.


New look

As of today www.aaronfazakas.com has a new look. Enjoy!


"A film music should be like a woman's scent, seductive, irresistible and surprising, emerging from her entire image, completing her and intensifying her charm and mystery."

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