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The sublime transfigured into movie soundtrack
Interview recorded by Nicoleta Nap
The Autograf newspaper, no.4, May

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Aaron Fazakas was kind enough to share in the interview below his future plans as far as his activity as a composer was concerned and to reveal a few facets of "his way of life" - music.
Reporter: What are your latest projects?
Aaron Fazakas: At the moment, I'm writing the music for a ballet called "The Little Match Girl", after Hans Christian Andersen's story with the same title. Music's programmatic content presents, by comparison, the winter holidays atmosphere of joy and brightness (as inaccessible joy) contrasting with a little girl's cold, darkness and loneliness, whose anonymous and worthless end, clearly amplifies the work's tragic note. I have also been contacted to write the soundtrack for two documentaries ("Hidden Cry" and "Funerary Customs in Transylvania") and there is the possibility to be invited to Hollywood in July, in order to write various soundtracks on order.


Rep.: How have you managed to assert yourself as a composer abroad, too?
A.F.: As I have had a constant concert activity in my country, by numerous appearances in recitals and festivals, ("The Musical Autumn in Cluj", "Modern-Cluj" etc.), the invitations gradually started to come from abroad as well. This way my own work was presented on the occasion of various artistic events, symposiums, festivals, concerts with first hearing in Ukraine, Hungary (Budapest, Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, Tokaj) etc.
More and more orders are arriving for me to participate as a composer in different audio-video projects. For example, I composed the soundtrack for an ample advertising clip on order of a Korean company (I.N.I. Steel), and the images were filmed by an American company (Gettyimages), a project recorded in Kiev with the Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra in the year 2005.


Rep.: How did you get to writing movie soundtracks?
A.F.: My concern for the composition within the movie soundtrack field was materialized into a doctoral thesis that I’m currently working on (the title is: "Image and sound in movie soundtrack – interdetermination, symbiosis, feed-back"), as well as into a series of work with a programmatic tone.
Having studied in a dedicated way the art of composition, with all its opening towards the contemporary techniques, I consider the movie soundtrack genre to be the most efficient way of combined application of all the technical-expressive musical means, whose value and efficiency are validated even more as they interact with the visual-cinematographic means. Of the sound sources types (such as, electronic music), as well as of the various types of instrumental ensembles tackled, the symphonic orchestra has proved to be one of the most useful ones, by its adaptability to any imaginable type of narration (literary text, theatre play, movie script).


Rep.: How is a piece of work born? Is there a certain method in that sense?
A.F.: Any work is born out of necessity. It is about some interior contents that are looking for their own means of achievement. In reality I am a transmitter endowed with sensitiveness and reason, both being necessary in order to acknowledge and achieve these contents.
It is a cognitive adventure which holds an irresistible charm and mystery. And the fact that I have become a composer represents only the proof of my own weakness before a reality where the sublime is the defining category.
You’ve asked about the method. I’d associate it with the word’s very etymology which is "the way". It gathers, increases, crystallizes and edifies itself at the same time as the acknowledgment even of this dominant obsession which becomes, naturally, a way of life.


Rep.: Have you had any collaboration offers from the Romanian movie producers?
A.F.: There already are collaboration offers in the cinematographic field. I can confess that my implication in this kind of activity is as much a fascinating adventure as it is a "self-management" exercise, both facets being grafted onto inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity at the same time. I’m open to collaborate with anybody who has that optimum quantum of originality and devotion, for a true artistic cause.

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